Monday, May 1, 2017

Dia 357 Why did I eat Mud Bugs?

Hey Fam! This week was a good week. As of late, God just throws people in our direction at the moment that everything else doesn't work out. I don't know how He does it, but I am pretty appreciative of that. Super cool. One night, we visited a house to see if a certain guy was home. He wasn't and the woman who answered turned us away pretty quick. So we ask for referrals pretty loud (from a distance) and say, "Who do you know who may be struggling with their faith right now?" She said nobody... Then this guy like 50 feet away heard us and called us over. He said that he was and listened to our message. He really liked it and said he'd be baptized when he knows he Book of Mormon is true. What! Neat! Then we planned for ages and had another great lesson with another guy. We brought a member and "coincidentally" they have been through very similar things in their lives. Boom! Connection. The next day for lunch, Bro Dalton, the Young Men's President was invited to a crawfish broil with all the oilfield workers. So we pull up, and first of all, it is just a gathering of big trucks. Second of all, we are wearing shirts and ties and look like a couple of goons as we walk into a room filled with oilfield men. Lol. But, they were super nice to us. Third, craw fish..... I actually ate them. Haha, I guess it was my only option for lunch so.... They were fine if you dipped them in the Cajun sauce. Kinda gnarly though. I had to twist and cracked off the tail and then break off the shell. Apparently it was a big deal. Lol. They boiled 500 pounds of live crawfish . Gross. But anyway, gotta have experiences 💁🏼‍♂️ they gave us sweet hats too. So I counted that as a trophy. Well we are doing a little activity, so I will sum things up. - we waved to some guy and he straight up gave us the black power fist in return. Lol - my companion got bit by a dog. - spent way too much time trying to explain the Gospel to a drunk guy. - an investigator thinks my comp is hot and she's 10 years older. - found out that 10 year Olds can go to jail. - gave a talk - returning inactive girl might be returning because she thinks I'm cute... But hey, that's kind of good. I guess... - scrubbed out a nasty pool - cleaned out a chicken coop - chased down a bunch of chickens and threw them in a container... Yep that's it! My talk was really fun. I have found joy in expounding the Gospel. Plus, I made everyone there roar in laughter with a joke. I've never done that before! Hahaha. How neat. I've never been a good jokey guy. But I compared to living in Yorktown to being like an episode of Dirty Jobs. I then talked about the plan of Salvation and how it all relates back to the Infinite love that our Heavenly Father has for us. It was really good and something I really enjoyed and benefitted from studying. Every aspect of the Gospel somehow relates back to love. Which, if you were wondering, is a positive, joyful emotion. Something that we all desire. I know now more than ever that God loves me. God loves you. His plan and the purpose of it is to bring peace and love into our lives. I choose to accept that plan and enjoy the life that my Heavenly Father has given me. I love you all a very high amount. Choose to be happy.❤️ Elder Thorkelson