Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back on track.

I've been taking it easy for a while, but Accurasee keeps growing. I'm going to start adding new info to this blog on a weekly basis and hope that you'll be back for tips and other info pertaining to art. Accurasee tools are not an end, but a means to better expressing ourselves as artists. Here's to the motivation and inspiration necessary to expanding our horizons as artists. Let's go out and experience life...try something new. Take note of our experiences and then...SHARE


  1. I purchased Accuview for may i-pad and I-phone several months ago. Suddenly neither myself nor my friends are able to access it. I apologize for contacting you here but can't find any other source to notify thanks Laine

  2. Sorry I missed this Laine. If you're still out there, please contact me at

  3. Bjorn, I'm so new of a drawer, that I cannot even say that I'm self-taught. I'm untaught! As part of scoping out how I was going to approach my journey down this path, I purchased your Accurasee device. It has already given me quite a bit of confidence in feeling I can develop passable drawing skills.

    This product (along with the overlay grid download) is a high quality, affordable, easy-to-used tool. I like that the tension is just enough to hold the measurement. Thank you for this contribution to art tools.